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The Course

Ivinghoe Golf Club is a unique gently rolling nine-hole parkland course, set in the beautiful Chiltern Hills. Opened in 1967, the course was designed to provide a challenge to the most able golfers, whilst still being accessible to those golfers at the beginning or the twilight of their golfing life.

1st Hole

257 yards Par 4

‘Out of bounds’ on the right, and a blind tee shot provide a daunting prospect when standing on the 1st tee.

This hole is downhill, with a small well defined green tucked in close to the hedge on the right. The green is well guarded by a bunker on the left, with slopes to the front of the green and running away at the back of the green making this a very challenging opening hole.

2nd Hole

204 yards Par 3

Our most picturesque hole, the 2nd is a ‘dog leg’ to the right, with ‘out of bounds’ running along the right hand side of the fairway.

This pretty green is well protected by a small water hazard short and right and a second water hazard pin high on the left. Bunkers are strategically positioned on the approach to the left, and either side of the green.

3rd Hole

384 yards Par 4

The longest hole on the course, the 3rd hole requires a straight drive. The narrow fairway naturally feeds every shot towards the ‘Out of Bounds’ running to the right.

The mature willow tree on the left masks a large natural water hazard and the large ‘dip’ halfway along the fairway, leaves many players with a blind second shot. Bunkers either side of the green make this a challenging hole, where accuracy is as important as distance.

4th Hole

149 yards Par 3

This unique uphill hole starts with a tee shot over the 6th green (when clear). The yardage is deceptive and the slope means that the hole generally plays longer than is suggested.

Accuracy is essential, as the green is shielded by bunkers either side of the approach, with a punishing bunker to the right of the green. The severe slope on the green makes an uphill putt almost essential. A very difficult green, and a great fun hole!

5th Hole

231 yards Par 3

The longest par 3 on the course, with a two tiered green, the 5th hole gently slopes downhill and naturally feeds the ball to the left.

Two bunkers to the left and a bunker to the right make an accurate tee shot essential. A steep downward slope onto the top tier of the green, and a steep run off from the bottom tier are designed to reward the skilful golfer.

6th Hole

263 yards Par 4

Whilst the 6th fairway opens out into the widest fairway on the course, the green is obscured from the tee by a small well house to the right.

There is internal ‘out of bounds’ on the left, with a strategically placed bunker close by. The large green is protected by bunkers on both sides of the approach, leaving a very narrow entrance to the green.

7th Hole

293 yards Par 4

The 7th is the signature hole at Ivinghoe, and standing on the tee, it is immediately clear why! A huge natural ravine stands approximately 200 yds from the tee, with a spectacular willow tree to the left.

The well house to the right leaves the narrowest of gaps, and players are faced with the choice of either ‘laying up’ or trying to carry the water hazard and risking a lost ball. The plum tree to the right of the green and the gentle slope of the green to the left, require a skilful approach and a deft touch with the putter.

8th Hole

106 yards Par 3

The 8th hole may be the shortest hole on the course but it is definitely one of the most challenging. Standing on the tee, the flag is visible up the hill, but the green is unsighted. The largest bunker on the course sits at the front of the green, waiting to trap any tee shot that falls short.

A smaller, but more punishing bunker is situated on the left bank next to the green, waiting to trap a stray shot from the tee, or a heavy handed approach from the right. The narrow green, with banks on the right and to the rear, make this a fantastic little hole.

9th Hole

219 yards Par 3 (Men) Par 4 (Ladies)

Uphill, with a blind tee shot, the 9th is a real challenge and a terrific finishing hole. The fairway slopes to the right, with trees either side and plays longer than the yardage suggests. The green has a severe slope at the front, and a large bunker on the right bank sloping away from the green.

Situated at the perimeter of the course and with ‘out of bounds’ directly behind the green, this hole provides a true test for any golfer.