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Golf Industry Guidelines to Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Golf Industry Guidelines to Coronavirus (Covid-19)


Prior to the game:

  • Payments using contactless means where possible
  • Players with any colds or coughs or any symptoms of COVID-19 are asked not to play.
  • Locker rooms should only be used for toilet facilities to avoid players being near each other.¬†¬†Allow the changing of shoes in the car park.
  • Shotgun starts with people congregating before and after are discouraged for the time being.

On the course:

  • Maintain social distancing (2-metre rule) on tee grounds, greens and throughout the rounds
  • Always leave the flag in the hole. Golfers should carefully remove their golf ball from the hole, not with a golf club
  • Avoid using rakes – the greenkeeper will prepare the course, and where possible, re-rake bunkers during the day
  • Golfers can wipe their own golf balls on a towel
  • Golfers should only pick their own ball up
  • Golfers should avoid using ball cleaners
  • Do not share any equipment such as golf clubs or range-finders
  • Do not shake hands before or after your game